Arabia Mold
MarkForged 3D printers - the breakthrough in desktop 3D printers that can provide printed output in carbon fibre, fibre glass and metal amongst the various materials it can print with. This has allowed innovators to prototype and develop new products locally in the region. It is very popular with universities, innovation centres and manufacturing companies.
Leica Absolute tracker AT960
The Leica Absolute tracker is used in dimension inspections and revered engineering for molds.

Plastivision Arabia
Lohia Corp Limited
PP Woven Sacks-Lohia Corp Limited has been providing advanced solutions to the woven plastics flexible packaging industry around the world for more than 3 decades in over 80 countries. The fabric produced is used in many applications such as bags for cement, fertilizer, food grains, FIBC/Jumbo Bags, Leno/Ventilated bags & many more. The global footprint of the company is serviced by subsidiaries/associates in USA, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and UAE, supported by sales agents in all major woven sacks producing countries.

Product Portfolio: Tape Extrusion Line, Tape Winder, Circular Loom, Bag Conversion System, Valve Bag Converting Machine, Extrusion Coating Machine, Printing Machine, Special Purpose Machines for fabric conversion/FIBC finishing/Jumbo bags & Multifilament-Spin-Draw-Wind Line

Gurucharan Industries
Gurucharan Industries expertises in manufacturing Blown Film machinery of all types from mono layer to multilayer technology under the guidance of its chairperson Mr. Jayakar Shettigar. We have been into this business since 21 years and have exported our machines worldwide.
Our machines can be used to manufacture a wide range of products such as Shopping bags, Carry bags, Mulch Films , Agricultural Tarpaulins, Garbage bags , PP Bags for groceries and many more.

Print Pack Arabia
Afra International
Industrial Multilayer 3D Spot UV Varnishing Machine from Komfi
Robust State of Art Multilayer 3D Spot UV machine with professional deep pile back separation feeding head , “On the fly registration control” with 8 ink jet heads capable to perform not just Spot Single Layer UV but also Multilayer 3D effect. Maximum size of 54*100 Cms with speeds up to 2400 sheets per hour with unique curing performed by patented vacuum belt moving along with the  print head makes it a must watch technology .

PW-260-R7C Full Rotary Letterpress

The machine is 7 colors + 1 color Full Rotary Letterpress which can print self-adhesive labels, shrinkable PVC & PET, PP, BOPP, Laminated Tube materials (ABL & PBL), IML labels.
The machine equipped with 1 Unwinder, 1 Rewinder, 7 colors Letterpress Printing stations, low temperature UV curing system, 2 sets of Rotary Die Cutting stations for die cutting and sheeting & conveyor.

Multisytem technology FZE Goccopro QS2536

Goccopro QS2536 is the next generation screen maker which makes revolution in the screen making process using the power of digital. 
It’s high positioning precision suitable for full color and multi-color screen making. Goccopro QS2536 is capable of reproducing photographic image with great detail than conventional screen printing.